Trailer Fabrication & Repairs

Every trailer we build at Argoweld is unique to each owner’s requirements. We understand your needs and expectations and can build a trailer that will achieve maximum functionality and versatility. We will ensure your trailer is exactly what you need, not only in capacity and dimensions but in appearance as well.

Trailer Fabrication

If you are looking for something a little bit different, have an idea for a trailer design or any other idea, talk to our team. We would love to make your idea possible!

Argoweld trailers (as all our other products) are built with the best quality Australian steel where available, high-quality componentry and running gear. This enables them to withstand our tough Australian conditions. We provide a structural warranty on all trailers.

Argoweld invests in machinery and equipment to ensure we are up to date with the best practices and new technologies in metal fabrication. This is so we can keep as many trailer fabrication processes in house and maintain our promise of quality workmanship.

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Want to spruce your trailer up
or modify it?

Argoweld can provide options including adding storage, toolboxes or cages. We can even replace or upgrade doors, floors, ramps and brakes and any steel replacement or full repaint options. At Argoweld, we pride ourselves on our innovative and custom modifications to ensure better use of your space. If you are thinking about modifying your existing trailer, give us a call and we can talk you through your options.

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Trailer Servicing

Keep your car or truck trailer in great working order by our regular servicing and check-up services. Argoweld provides a range of trailer repairs and maintenance to both steel and aluminium trailers. We ensure we provide the same quality of repair components that we do when building new ones. We can also repair drawbars/ coupling, trays, sidewalls, suspension, bent components, wheels and any welds and chassis repairs. Our full safety check and service will ensure your trailer is safe and is not putting yourself or others at risk when used.

Trailer had a bingle?

If your trailer has had a bingle, contact us to see if we can repair it for you and we will also provide you with the best options, so you are fully satisfied.

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Trailers for Rent!

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